A collection of thoughts and musings on design & creative practice.

Getting to know us

Welcome to Anothermind.

After two years of learnings (and un-learnings) as a new design studio, the timing felt right to create an identity that reflects who we are, our goals, and how we've grown as a creative business and human.

Our mission is simple. We want to help individuals, businesses and organisations thrive through good design. We aspire to play with bold ideas and create striking and meaningful work that communicates honestly and inspires people. We want to expand our network of driven collaborators, suppliers and teachers.

But also, we want to have conversations about design with non-designers as it doesn’t seem to happen enough. In an era of 99designs, Canva and crowdsourcing where design work is becoming democratized (or devalued) we want to know how design affects you and influences your decision-making. Is design something worth investing in? Why would you choose to work with a designer over creating a trendy and free pre-fab layout from Canva? How much will you (and should you) pay for good design and what does ‘good design’ even mean?

We’ll get in to these questions on the journal and share our learnings as our studio grows.

We would really like to hear from you. Whether you’re a design graduate looking for folio tips, an entrepreneur ready to market your first venture, or an established business owner who wants to rebrand your organisation - say hello and ask us anything. We’re here to serve.

A big thanks to our friends, family, collaborators, peers and friendly internet strangers who are following our journey. Watch this space :)

Rosie Ren