Q4 Project — Minimalism


Minimalism is a big buzz word at the moment and we are firmly on that bandwagon. For our studio project for Q4 we’re looking at ways to infuse minimalism in to our studio practice and daily lives - whether it be cleaning up our digital filing system, moving toward zero waste or simply getting rid of the things we no longer use. We’ll also be exploring minimalism in art and design and creating our own expressions and designs around this theme (there will be a couple of freebies thrown in there so keep an eye out). Follow along on the journey on our instagram and journal.


Why We’re Doing This

To feel lighter, easier and more zen as we move throughout the day. As a visual creature, my mood is often affected by my surroundings. Clutter and bright colours feel overstimulating and chaotic whereas I’m automatically soothed when I step in to a clean studio with a neutral palette. Minimalism extends beyond physical objects. We can feel just as weighed down looking at an email inbox bursting at the seams or hanging on to beliefs and relationships that don’t make us feel good. 

for the curious

Pick Up Limes - Get started

Fumio Sakai ‘Goodbye Things’
- If you want to go all in

Jessica Rose Williams - Get inspired

The Challenge

Each month in October, November and December we’ll be focusing on one aspect of minimalism plus an overall challenge we’ve set for ourselves for Q4. 

October Challenge: Digital Minimalism. For us this means cleaning up our digital filing system and archiving old work. For you it might be 

  1. getting to inbox zero

  2. reducing screen time 

  3. rejigging your website and cutting out extra pages or content

Q4 Challenge: Intentionally discard, donate or sell one thing we’re no longer using each day. To put that into perspective, that’s over 90 things in 3 months.

If you want to join us, use the hashtag #anotherproject or tag us in your post @anothermind.co so we can see what you’re doing.

Rosie Ren